Re: Filesystem problems sidestepped

From: greg scott <>
Date: Sun Jan 02 2005 - 15:36:23 PST

Andy Valencia <> writes:

> greg scott <> wrote:
>> is there an easy way to view the source, aside from the ForthOS editor?
> I guess <foo> list would work OK.

this may be dumb, but i see one screen and dont know how to page down
to subsequent screens. it doesnt seem like hitting space (like for
paused output of unix "less") or any other key works to display
subsequent screens; it drops back to the Ok prompt.

>> while using the ForthOS editor to view the file "vi", i wondered if
>> there was a good way to view source under unix.

> No guarantees, but have a look at what's in

thanks, but i think you need to set permissions, i get "403 Forbidden".

btw, in stumbling around, i found the vsta wiki on port 8080. maybe
later in the game we users can create some ForthOS doc pages to
lighten your load. just a thought, it's your wiki.

> Hmmm... that's really weird. Can you tell me the before/after parameters
> so I can keep a note for things to look for?

i did so much flailing that my logging efforts slacked. basically, the
30G drive had 2 partitions, with 6G for ForthOS. now it is 15G for
each. no operations on the 6G partition made any difference, even
re-creating it as type 158 with FreeBSD-5.3 fdisk. but after zapping
all partitions and choosing new sizes, the problem cleared.

> Anyway, glad you've been able to get it running correctly!

thanks for answering all my questions so far.

i dont like conventional OS's; they dont respect the KISS principle.

ForthOS is in the right direction for me.

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