Boot problem

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Sun Jan 02 2005 - 11:14:11 PST

>The following is displayed on startup - either selection (just change
>Booting 'Forth OS secondary'
>Root= (cd)
>Filesystem type is iso9660, using whole disk
>Kernel =/ForthOS2
>[Multiboot-kludge, loadaddr=0x100000, text-and-data=0x51280, bss=0x0,
>rest of screen is blank
>no response to keyboard, except for F2 - F4.

Hmmm... what do those keys do? Does your screen contents change? To
something interesting, or just junk?

>Is this the normal response, your doco seems to indicate that this is not.
>I am on an old 200 MHz Pentium-MMX with 64 Mbytes.

The only thing which comes to mind is that ForthOS assumes you're using
the old MGA text screen locations, not the CGA ones. It's hard to imagine
that there are still CGA emulation cards out there, but I can't figure
what the problem would be otherwise.

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