Re: Boot problem

From: Bruce Rennie <>
Date: Mon Jan 03 2005 - 00:20:04 PST

Andy Valencia wrote:
[Stuff Removed]
>>rest of screen is blank
>>no response to keyboard, except for F2 - F4.
> Hmmm... what do those keys do? Does your screen contents change? To
> something interesting, or just junk?
>>Is this the normal response, your doco seems to indicate that this is not.
>>I am on an old 200 MHz Pentium-MMX with 64 Mbytes.
> The only thing which comes to mind is that ForthOS assumes you're using
> the old MGA text screen locations, not the CGA ones. It's hard to imagine
> that there are still CGA emulation cards out there, but I can't figure
> what the problem would be otherwise.
> Andy
These are the function keys that allow me access to each of the forth
processes. F1 returns me back to the messages that i sent earlier


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