Re: Filesystem problems sidestepped

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Mon Jan 03 2005 - 09:57:39 PST

greg scott <> wrote:
>> I guess <foo> list would work OK.
> this may be dumb, but i see one screen and dont know how to page down
> to subsequent screens. it doesnt seem like hitting space (like for
> paused output of unix "less") or any other key works to display
> subsequent screens; it drops back to the Ok prompt.

Space should let you go forward to the next screenful... ^C (control-C)
should be the only thing which aborts output.

>> No guarantees, but have a look at what's in
> thanks, but i think you need to set permissions, i get "403 Forbidden".

Groan... try again.

> btw, in stumbling around, i found the vsta wiki on port 8080. maybe
> later in the game we users can create some ForthOS doc pages to
> lighten your load. just a thought, it's your wiki.

I'd be open to this, but my experience with VSTa and Wikis is that
nobody pitches in anyway. :->

> i dont like conventional OS's; they dont respect the KISS principle.
> ForthOS is in the right direction for me.

Thanks, that's very much the underlying reason I went with ForthOS.

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