Re: Filesystem problems sidestepped

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Sun Jan 02 2005 - 10:43:12 PST

greg scott <> wrote:
> is there an easy way to view the source, aside from the ForthOS editor?

I guess <foo> list would work OK.
> while using the ForthOS editor to view the file "vi", i wondered if
> there was a good way to view source under unix.
> the CD has a monolithic SrcFS1000 file which isnt easy to grep or view
> in a unix editor (ex. emacs).

No guarantees, but have a look at what's in

> anyway, the ForthOS editor did let me find the useful Forth-vi commands:
> ZN, ZP (and Zx which you provided).

Ok, they're added to the WWW site as well.

> so using the ForthOS editor just got less painful, but i wonder if
> there is any easier way to view the source from unix.

UNIX doesn't interest me much any more, so if the stuff in utils helps
you, that's about all I have.

> sorry i cant try "20000 block update", since i've made the problem
> disappear through repartitioning. everything works fine now, including
> fs.mkdir and of course "20000 block update".

Hmmm... that's really weird. Can you tell me the before/after parameters
so I can keep a note for things to look for?

> thank you for helping with this problem, it must have been my problem,
> not your code.

Maybe... it sure feels like something screwball in the way I interact
with the IDE controller. Well, I'll keep my eyes open... remember,
ForthOS has only run on maybe a dozen installations at this point, so
there can be "gotchas" that would amaze both you and me.

Anyway, glad you've been able to get it running correctly!

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