TTY pause-output bug

From: Andy Valencia From: <>
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 12:17:32 PDT


One "gotcha" is that while I correctly coded so that if you ^C while
at the top-level prompt (where there's no handler primed) the interrupt
is inhibited. However, it turns out that if you unexec the system and
continue, the handler field is incorrectly left holding the old context's
catch/throw context. This'll be fixed in the next snapshot, but for now
if you ^C and have your system reboot you'll know why. :->

I also had the scroll count not consider output lines which, while not
causing a scroll, were things which would roll off the screen before you
could see them. Easiest way to see this would be "forth page words" and
notice how the output doesn't stop to let you see the list. Fixed, of

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