Re: ForthOs Wordlist

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 2005 - 10:31:03 PST

Antonio Maschio <> wrote:
> I installed ForthOS. Partition 2 of IDE 1. Set up with grub. ideoff is
> 10233405 (or so). Fantastic! works. vi works. Incredible.


> But what about the accept word?
> If I write
> pad 10 accept
> on any forth, after digiting 10 chars, I could write
> pad 10 type
> (or
> pad 10 count type
> on some weird forth),
> and see the 10 chars I've input.
> Why that seems not to work on my ForthOS system? Is there anything wrong
> with my settings?

Have you allowed for the fact that both "accept" and "pad" are used by
the command line interpreter to do its magic for you? This isn't a
Forth emulation running in a sandbox on top of a separate C implementation.
There is no gets() in C down below, nor a TTY layer, POSIX ioctl()'s,
UNIX clock handler, and so forth. Below "accept" is very little before
ForthOS is out fiddling with the PS/2 keyboard registers.

Anyway, have you tried "here 10 accept" followed by "type"? Or even
more properly "create myBuf 10 allot" and then "myBuf 10 accept"?

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