Re: ForthOs Wordlist

From: Antonio Maschio <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 23:37:46 PST

Andy Valencia wrote:
> I don't know how far Seattle, Washington's reputation as the rain capital
> has spread. Ironically, we've been having unseasonably warm and dry
> weather. And "warm, sunny" California has been having substantial rains.
> A little frost here in the morning, but then up into the low 60's during
> the day.
> Andy

Seattle? Great place. Reminds me of many thrillers I've read. Ok, ok,
Seattle is much more.

Now we have an average temperature of 2C (which is about 35F). HEaring
of your 60F (which is about 15C, if I'm not wrong), makes me think
about spring.


P.S. you hoped this was only a greetings message. Ha, ha, ha!

I installed ForthOS. Partition 2 of IDE 1. Set up with grub. ideoff is
10233405 (or so). Fantastic! works. vi works. Incredible.

But what about the accept word?

If I write

pad 10 accept

on any forth, after digiting 10 chars, I could write

pad 10 type


pad 10 count type

on some weird forth),

and see the 10 chars I've input.

Why that seems not to work on my ForthOS system? Is there anything wrong
with my settings?


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