Re: ForthOs Wordlist

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 13:33:11 PST

Antonio Maschio <> wrote:
> I only have to redesign the partitions of my first IDE, install ForthOS
> and go (and I must wait till the first free weekend, don't know when).
> Or can I count on you to set ForthOS looking at the second IDE too?

I would have to spend time thinking about how to either support any
drive as the *single* drive. Or think harder and support multiple
drives. Something for "eventually", but you'll probably come across
your free weekend sooner.

> Greetings from a very cold Italy.

I don't know how far Seattle, Washington's reputation as the rain capital
has spread. Ironically, we've been having unseasonably warm and dry
weather. And "warm, sunny" California has been having substantial rains.
A little frost here in the morning, but then up into the low 60's during
the day.

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