Re: ForthOS Applications

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 13:29:53 PST

"Antonio Maschio <>" <tonibin@localhost.localdomain> wrote:
> But I'd state that a connection to internet could be very useful; in fact,
> it could be a great thing reading mail and surfing, reading newsgroups
> messages and looking for tips directly into ForthOS.
> Mail and newsgroups messages could be managed through a simple mail
> reader (like UNIX <mail>), surfing through a simple textual browser (like
> lynx). No need for images, but the connection could be useful.
> What about it? Are you already implementig it, I wish?

Well, after dodging your requests up until this point, I'm happy to be
able to give you some good news instead. :->

A good friend worked with ForthOS and did indeed implement IP, TCP, UDP,
ARP, PCI, and Ethernet support (OK, he's a good friend *and* a great
programmer). There's even a telnet server so you can telnet into a
ForthOS system. I just need to fold it in, see how much credit he wants
in how public a way, all that sort of stuff. Everything else you say,
I agree with, although it's not something I personally would be working

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