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From: Andy Valencia From: <>
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 11:38:08 PDT

Hi... buglet where you flipped screens while output was auto-paused
due to scrolling. Fixed in drop today.

I also added Local, scrLocal, and extensions.hide:. These have to do with
reducing the number of vocabulary entries in your dictionaries. If you
define something:

: my word ( -- ) ... ; Local

Then the word is recorded as "local". When your definition order is changed
due to directly invoking "definitions" or indirectly via "only", all entries
which have been labelled "Local" are moved from the definition vocabulary to
the vocabulary (locals). Thus, your "real" vocabularies do not have these
words present (keeping directory searches faster, and also reducing the
scope of access for the words), but the debugger and "see" can still turn
code addresses into names (since they globally search all vocabularies and
thus can still find the entries).

scrLocal is like Local, but the queue of entries is flushed at the end of
input of the current source screen.

hide: (in "extensions") parses words from the rest of the input line, and
then finds each named word and moves it to (locals). I use this as as
retroactive cleanup of some system words which aren't really needed once the
system is fully built and up. See src/sys-hide for a source screen which
sweeps out most of the cruft.

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