Re: Boot problem

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 2005 - 11:29:26 PST

Bruce Rennie <> wrote:
> 104A98 pause+16
> 12DDB0 waitdrq+28
> 12DF1C ideio+336
> Hope this gives you some idea of what is happening.

Yes, your problem is that your disk isn't completing its operation.
Are both your disk and its IDE controller totally standard?

> One other point, the caps lock doesn't work - even though shift does.

Right, caps lock has caused me more trouble than it's ever saved me.
It was with great pleasure that I skipped implementing it. :->

> Hex numbers must be entered in uppercase.

Inherited from eforth. I just checked and pfe lets you use lower case,
so maybe I should, too.

Most likely the boot process is getting hung up trying to ID the
geometry of your IDE disk. If you only have, say, USB or SCSI storage
then that would explain it.

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