Re: ForthOs Wordlist

From: Antonio Maschio <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 03:06:40 PST

Ok, I got it, but a plain list of words? just to know at a glance what
is implemented an what not without being into ForthOS?

Andy Valencia wrote:
>>Is there a (complete) list of all the ForthOS words for all the
>>vocabularies? If so, may it be upload to forthos site for downloading?
> If you have access to the source, most words have docs with the source.
> I'm not too motivated to duplicate this out to another place... is there
> a compelling reason to create a disjoint set of documentation?
> I know, a commercial Forth would offer this, but ForthOS is assuredly not
> a commercial Forth! :->
> Andy
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