Re: ForthOS installation problem

From: Antonio Maschio <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 2005 - 01:38:39 PST

Andy Valencia wrote:

> ForthOS reads the fdisk label and looks for its own partition type
> number (158) and sets the "ideoff" variable in the "drivers" vocabulary
> to the appropriate value to make block 0 be the first block of that
> partition. However, as I say in the installation document, you should
> put some known quantity there and make sure you're seeing it from within
> ForthOS before you trust it too much. Also, please make a backup, as
> even if ForthOS gets it all right, you still have at your fingertips all
> the words needed to scrag your disk beyond recovery!

Yes, backup has been done. What I wanted to know is:
1) partition may be part of an extended one or must be primary?
2) in any case, does ForthOS prevent from writing beyond the partition
limit? Excuse me for such a question, I know really nothing about how to
implement and write an OS and its interaction with partitions, so this may
sound silly.

Thank you again

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