Re: ForthOS installation problem

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 12:17:01 PST wrote:
> I have a free partition, on IDE#1, but it's located in the middle of the
> disk; does ForthOS respect the partition, or there's risk it could write
> beyond? If so, I'd better wait till a reinstallation of the whole system,
> and reserve space on the last partition. What do you say?

ForthOS reads the fdisk label and looks for its own partition type
number (158) and sets the "ideoff" variable in the "drivers" vocabulary
to the appropriate value to make block 0 be the first block of that
partition. However, as I say in the installation document, you should
put some known quantity there and make sure you're seeing it from within
ForthOS before you trust it too much. Also, please make a backup, as
even if ForthOS gets it all right, you still have at your fingertips all
the words needed to scrag your disk beyond recovery!

Good luck!
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