Re: ForthOS installation problem

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 10:59:31 PST

Antonio Maschio <> wrote:
> - HD #1 (40 GB) with a bunch of partitions:
> - HD #2 (80 GB) with 3 primary partition,
>... the third (20 GB) with a 158 partition (9e in hex) for ForthOS (is is
> too much?).

No, but due to my laziness I don't support being on anything except
the first IDE drive, sorry.

> What I obtain is that, at boot, ForthOS starts, but a fs.root! reports
> a message (I recall it by heart) "Corrupt Block??"
> If I print the drivers.ideoff variable, it is 0.

ForthOS looks for its partition on "the" disk (its view of the world--
disk 1) and didn't find it, so it leaves the ideoff variable at 0. You're
looking at your first disk as a flat block device.

> 1. Maybe ForthOS must be installed in the first HD? Does it look for a 158
> partition only on the first HD, though Grub makes it regularly boot?

GRUB parses and understands lots of different disk configurations--more than
ForthOS. If you have good tools for resizing partitions, would it be too
hard to slide some space onto disk 1?

> 2. Or 20 GB are too much, and ForthOS can't manage them?

ForthOS addresses the disk as 4k blocks with LBA... you'll be up in the
terabytes before it runs out of gas.

I'd love to visit Italy sometime, I've heard it has many & varied
beautiful places. Thanks for giving ForthOS a spin!

Andy Valencia
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