Re: ForthOS 1.0 released

From: Howard Lee Harkness <>
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 09:21:40 PST

Andy Valencia From: wrote:
> As of 12/10/2004, I've just put up ForthOS 1.0. This new version is
> completely self hosted, with a native metacompiler. See
> for a list of what's in there--it's a bunch-o-stuff.

Interesting project. I hope to be able to explore it this weekend. I
see that there is a vi-style editor in the list of bunch-o-stuff, but
I'm wondering what sort of other applications (or plans for same) there
are -- for instance, word processing, spreadsheet, database, browser,
and mail/newsreader, just to hit on the minimum collection of stuff I
would need in order to have a usable system without having to switch to
another OS...

Perhaps there is some way of 'hooking' such applications written in some
other language (for Linux, etc)?

Without applications, ForthOS will be a pretty toy, interesting (only to
techies like me) to play with for a short time, but not generally useful
except for dedicated applications, such as an embedded strain-guage
system I worked on about 10 years ago using a single-board 6511-based
system. Embedded systems typically don't need the power of a PC,
although I did an embedded system for semiconductor testing using PCs
because they were actually cheaper TCO than an embedded system (no need
for compact size or special weatherproofing, etc., and we needed
something flexible and off-the-shelf).

So what sort of plans do you have for ForthOS? I'm trying to get a feel
for whether I have anything worth contributing, and how I might fit into
this project.

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