Re: No cursor when loading forthOS from HD

From: greg scott <>
Date: Sun Jan 02 2005 - 16:23:33 PST

Andy Valencia <> writes:

> I actually had to read the GRUB code to figure it out, but it ends up
> being simpler than you expect. GRUB uses 512 byte blocks, so "8" is
> just block #1 on the ForthOS partition (block 0 is skipped because
> it often holds stuff you don't want to scrozz, and Forth doesn't permit
> block 0 anyway). 700 is just a number of blocks greater than the current
> size of a generated ForthOS boot image (700*512 = 358400 bytes). I
> could have just specified the maximum possible size, but that'd slow down
> the boot time for no good reason.

thanks for the explanation.

> BTW, when under ForthOS if you want a fresh start, you can do:
> 1 fastboot or 100 fastboot ( primary or secondary)
> and ForthOS will load its boot image and jump into it without having
> to waste time on the PC reset sequence and BIOS slowness.
> Sub-one-second reboots... I've gotten spoiled. :->

that's great! as i suspected, i couldnt tell the difference between
primary and secondary, but with more familiarity the usefulness of the
secondary image will become obvious.

i like the way you delete posts from the web archive, keeping the
signal to noise high. i hope you delete this low-content post too.

after stumbling across the vsta website, i read about Traveller and
now i know what the "funny" part of your email address is: the output
of your "pronounceable password" generator.

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