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From: greg scott <x-x_at_nospam.org>
Date: Sat Jan 01 2005 - 19:43:11 PST


my most pressing question (about viewing source code) was in the
previous email, but i hope to throw in 3 more, then give you a rest
for a few days or more.

Q1. once you've created a dir or file, is there any way to do "rmdir" or
"rm" respectively, or change the name like "mv"?

looking at src/filesystem and your webpage "ForthOS filesystem", i
think this question may off base. assuming the allocated sizes cant be
changed, i wonder if there is a rename function.

Q2. is the following way to open a file correct?
looking for a "rename" string in src/filesys, i did this:
"fs.open filesys v"

the counter at the upper left of the screen spun for so long i thought
maybe this isnt the right way to open a file. the final number was
just over 21000. what is this number?

also, "1G" did not work after the search stopped (gave "Corrupt
block??"), though re-opening the file, going down a few lines, then
"1G" did work.

the result was the same starting with "11828 v", so maybe "fs.open
filesys v" is a "correct" way to open a file...but i'm puzzled by the
search behavior described, esp. the "Corrupt block??" after "1G".

Q3. how do you determine the line number you are on in a file?
Zs shows cursor position on a screen, but i wanted to know how far
down in the file i was.

i hope these are questions that other newbies would have, since my
filesystem problem was likely a waste of your attention.

have to agree with Phil Howlett: ForthOS is fun!

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