Regular snapshots available, new feature

From: Andy Valencia From: <>
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 11:26:53 PDT


I'm changing the way I do backups so that my incremental work is visible
to anybody who wants to see what's up. I'm pushing my boot blocks and
system source onto:

With boot_* being the boot block snapshot (primary boot at block 1 (4k
blocks), secondary at 100). sys_* is the system source, a filesystem image
of 10000 blocks in size located at block 10000.

Today's drop adds something I told myself I'd "get around to". In
particular, I promised myself the next time I was going to add code to keep
some output from scrolling off the screen, I'd fix the d*mn problem in
general rather than adding yet another nuf? control structure.

I have coded the console to keep track of the number of lines which had
streamed by, and pause for a keystroke if a full screen had streamed by
without interruption. If you hit ^C, an Interrupt event gets thrown,
otherwise output continues for up to another screenfull. The counter gets
cleared by cursor motion or any sort of input. If there's typeahead before
the pause, this mechanism is disabled. So if you have something that's
going to perk along in background, spitting out messages once in a while,
just tap the space bar before you switch to another screen and it'll be

This means that I can write:

: andy 100 0 do i . cr loop ;

and see 0..24, then hit ^C and be back to the command prompt. Or hit space
and see some more output.

I've removed screen paging code from the places I could find it... list,
where, see. If I missed any, be sure to let me know. :->

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