Re: Filesystem problems

From: greg scott <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 17:31:24 PST

Andy Valencia <> writes:

> One other thought I had was that you should side step the filesystem
> entirely and see if basic disk I/O is working OK. Just do
> 20000 v
> and then dG to clear out the block, and then Rsometextblahblah...<esc>
> and then ZZ. Does it write out to disk? Can you 20000 v again and
> see the contents? How about after a reboot? Do you encounter hangs?


i didnt suspect disk I/O because i had previously seen evidence that
it worked.

sorry if my previous emails neglected to mention that.

the evidence came from this trial:
"N fs.creat fooFile v", ZZ (hangs)

after reboot, i used "N block 512 dump" and saw my text, with a vandys
at the end.

anyway, your method is much cleaner, and works every time.

after ZZ, it appears to hang, but screen 2 is available and "20000 v"
displays what was entered on screen1, plus the vandys on the end.

i say ZZ appears to hang, but actually i dont know how to escape back
to cmdline. so what is the equivalent of vi :q! ? since ZZ "hangs", i
wanted to try quitting without writing, but didnt know how.

this would be nice to know, since after screen1 ZZ appears to hang and
i switch to screen2, i am stuck in the editor (ZZ on screen2 "hangs"

finally, the text persists after reboot, with the vandys on the end.

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