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This is a web-based music collection player.

It's based on a server chore, this one written in Python.

Set up a server with one or more directory trees with music files, edit the configuration to include the path to these trees, and then run the server. Each client gets a file browser and an HTML5-based audio player with playlist.

The sample configuration file is in:


Note that for any file source:

path /x/y/z
you can "cd /x/y/z ; find . -print sort > /x/y/z.idx" and create

an index of files in that tree. This enables a search field in your player. The server checks for an index at startup, and caches the contents if found.

The program is started simply as:

python main.py etc/player.cfg

GET of binary files uses the OS routine sendfile(), which is in python-sendfile on Debian.

This code also uses the Python "chore" routines; in this source directory do:

git clone https://github.com/vandys/chore

to put that code into place.