Help: test-ci-mini

The "test-ci-mini" command:

Usage: fossil test-ci-mini ?OPTIONS? FILENAME

where FILENAME is a repo-relative name as it would appear in the
vfile table.


  --repository|-R REPO      The repository file to commit to.
  --as FILENAME             The repository-side name of the input
                            file, relative to the top of the
                            repository. Default is the same as the
                            input file name.
  --comment|-m COMMENT      Required checkin comment.
  --comment-file|-M FILE    Reads checkin comment from the given file.
  --revision|-r VERSION     Commit from this version. Default is
                            the checkout version (if available) or
                            trunk (if used without a checkout).
  --allow-fork              Allows the commit to be made against a
                            non-leaf parent. Note that no autosync
                            is performed beforehand.
  --allow-merge-conflict    Allows checkin of a file even if it
                            appears to contain a fossil merge conflict
  --user-override USER      USER to use instead of the current
  --date-override DATETIME  DATE to use instead of 'now'.
  --allow-older             Allow a commit to be older than its
  --convert-eol-inherit     Convert EOL style of the checkin to match
                            the previous version's content.
  --convert-eol-unix        Convert the EOL style to Unix.
  --convert-eol-windows     Convert the EOL style to Windows.
  (only one of the --convert-eol-X options may be used and they only
   modified the saved blob, not the input file.)
  --delta                   Prefer to generate a delta manifest, if
                            able. The forbid-delta-manifests repo
                            config option trumps this, as do certain
  --allow-new-file          Allow addition of a new file this way.
                            Disabled by default to avoid that case-
                            sensitivity errors inadvertently lead to
                            adding a new file where an update is
  --dump-manifest|-d        Dumps the generated manifest to stdout
                            immediately after it's generated.
  --save-manifest FILE      Saves the generated manifest to a file
                            after successfully processing it.
  --wet-run                 Disables the default dry-run mode.


fossil test-ci-mini -R REPO -m ... -r foo --as src/myfile.c myfile.c