Help: /fileedit

The "/fileedit" page:

Enables the online editing and committing of individual text files.
Requires that the user have Write permissions.

Optional query parameters:

   filename=FILENAME   Repo-relative path to the file.
   checkin=VERSION     Checkin version, using any unambiguous
                       supported symbolic version name.

Internal-use parameters:

   name=string         The name of a page-specific AJAX operation.

Noting that fossil internally stores all URL path components after
the first as the "name" value. Thus /fileedit?name=blah is
equivalent to /fileedit/blah. The latter is the preferred
form. This means, however, that no fileedit ajax routes may make
use of the name parameter.

Which additional parameters are used by each distinct ajax value is
an internal implementation detail and may change with any given
build of this code. An unknown "name" value triggers an error, as
documented for fileedit_ajax_error().