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WebCalendar NEWS File
Version: $Id: NEWS,v 1.468.2.28 2013/02/22 15:56:46 cknudsen Exp $

This file lists significant changes to WebCalendar.  For a more detailed
list (that includes specific bugs fixed, please look at ChangeLog):



Version 1.2.7 (22 Jan 2013)
 - Security fix: Do not show the reason for a failed login (i.e. "no such user")
 - Security fix: Escape HTML characters in category name.
 - Security fix: Check all passed in fields (either via HTML form or via
   URL parameter) for certain malicious tags (script, embed, etc.) and
   generate fatal error if found.

Version 1.2.6 (07 Jan 2013)
 - Fix for "undefined function require_valide" bug
 - Other minor bug fixes.
 - Updated Greek translation

Version 1.2.5 (29 Feb 2012)
 - Fixes for various security vulnerabilities include LFI (local file
   inclusion), XSS (cross site scripting) and others.
 - Updated translations: German, German-utf8, Dutch, Dutch-utf8
 - Misc. minor bug fixes

Version 1.2.4 (08 Aug 2011)
 - Fixed XSS vulnerability: malicious javascript in event descriptions submitted
   by public can do bad things (create admin account, delete events, etc.)
   when the pending event is viewed by the admin.
 - Fixed bug: PHP warnings on search
 - Removed PHP warnings
 - Bug fix: undefined function date_default_timezone_set in older versions
   of PHP.

Version 1.2.3 (14 Aug 2010)
 - Fixed bug: could not save events with more than one category
 - Include backtrace in fatal errors when in development mode

Version 1.2.2 (14 Aug 2010)
 - Fixes for PHP warnings about default timezone not being set.

Version 1.2.1 (09 Apr 2010)
 - Addressed some published security vulnerabilities related to
   cross site scripting (XSS).
 - Fixed "500 Server Error" seen with PHP 5.2.8 and later.  Some users saw
   either blank web page or seg fault errors with this.
 - Fixed mb_language error message some non-English users were seeing in 1.2.0.
 - A handful of minor bugfixes and patches.
 - Updated translations: Italian

Version 1.2.0 (27 Sep 2008)
 - Added new 'Security Audit' page.
 - Moved hard-coded upcoming.php config setting to System Settings.
 - Added new RSS feed for Activity Log.  This will allow you to be
   notified via RSS of event approvals/rejections, email notification,
   new event submissions, event updates, etc.
 - Removed old hack for register_globals work-around that is no longer
   needed.  This will improve security.
 - Category icons can now be displayed next to events in upcoming.php
 - Updated Portuguese_BR translations

Version 1.2.b1 (25 Feb 2008)
 - Changed default installation user/password to root/none
 - Added read/write test to db_cache /tmp folder
 - The following translations were updated:
   French, German-UTF

Version 1.1.6 (19 Sep 2007)

 - This release fixes bugs found in 1.1.5.
   (For a complete list of changes, see the ChangeLog in CVS.)
 - Security:
   Fixes cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in export_handler.php.

Version 1.1.5 (12 Sep 2007)

  - Security fix: vulnerability in $includeDir in functions.php
  - The following translations were updated:

Version 1.1.4 (28 Aug 2007)

  - This release fixes bugs found in 1.1.3.

Version 1.1.3 (04 Aug 2007)

  - New Features / Enhancements:
    = Import / Export / iCalendar / hCalendar / RSS
      + VTIMEZONE information is now captured from imported ics files and can be reused
        for future exports. This greatly simplifies the process and speeds up exports.
    = User Interface
      + Added option to display end times in calendars
      + Added CAPTCHA validation option  to Public Access event creation
  - The following translations were updated:

Version 1.1.2 (18 Dec 2006)

  - New Features / Enhancements:
    = Site Extras
      + Radio control are now available 
      + Checkbox controls are now available. 
      + Multi-Select Select controls are now available. 
      + Site-Extra fields are now included in emails. 
      + You can now set where each Site Extra fields show up. 
        - All 
        - Email 
        - View (view_entry) 
        - Reports 
        - Reminders 
        Any combination of the above is possible using bitwise operators.
    = User Interface
      + Date Range Searches have been added
      + Site Extra Seaches have been added
      + Category Filter has beed added to Advanced Search
      + Added Category Color option
      + Admin can now specify a background image for inclusion into CSS
      + Added new feature 'Display Long Day Names'
      + Added new Color Picker with many options
      + Added new About WebCalendar page
      + Reports can now contain 'fullname'
      + When creating Reports, you can now simply click desired value
        and it will auto-insert at the cursor.
      + The top menu is now fully configurable and custom menus can be
        added easily. See includes/menu/menu_config.php for details.
      + Added 'System Log' in menu.  Added logging for adding/editing/deleting
        users and invalid logins.
      + Reorganized and grouped System Settings and user preferences

  - The following translations were updated:
    French-UTF8(new), German, Russian


Version 1.1.1 (15 Sep 2006)

  - Fixes:
    + Fixed vulnerablity: SQL injection possible in edit_template.php,
      activity_log.php, admin_handler.php, pref_handler.php, export_handler.php
    + Fixed security: exploit allows execution of code downloaded from
      remote server
    + HUGE list of fixes (see ChangeLog for details)

  - New Features / Enhancements / Changes:
    = Permissions
      + User Access Control: fine grain setting of all user's permissions
    = Import / Export / iCalendar / hCalendar / RSS
      + Read/write remote ical subscriptions with new icalclient.php file.
        Can be enabled in user preferences in the Subscripe/Publish area.
      + Added Remote Calendars which allow a WebCalendar user to view
        external iCalendar/ics (icalshare.com, etc.) or hCalendar files
        from within WebCalendar.
      + Improved iCal parsing
      + Export only a specified category
      + Implemented VTODO support with floating display of due date per RFC2445 
      + Allow users to import from Outlook 2003/XP CSV file
      + Palm Desktop datebook import works for versions 4.1.1 and newer
      + Added iCal FreeBusy support
      + Added RSS feed if admin and user preference are enabled for it.
    = Performance
      + Style sheets no longer included in each page (faster downloads)
      + Added caching of db requests and parsed translations.
    = Event Details
      + Full timezone support rather than timezone offset
      + Improved reminder UI and added repeating functionality per RFC2445
      + Can attach comments and documents to events using database BLOBs
      + Added support for events overlapping into next day
      + Added new Repeat type 'Manual' that allows adding Inclusions/Exclusions 
        without other repeat attributes.
      + Implemented a new repeating event system that incorporates most
        requirements of RFC2445.
        Multiple Categories, multiple Alarms and RDATE are now supported,
        along with the abiity to export VTIMEZONE elements if desired.
    = Event Approval
      + Approve/confirm/reject all unapproved events
      + Can add a comment for reject/accept event
    = User Interface
      + Added install wizard functionality that will create or update
        database tables.
      + New JS/DHTML top menu bar added
      + Use drop-down selection lists for selecting time
      + Divided content of preferences pages into tabs
      + Uploadable category icons
      + Modified upcoming.php to display tasks (see upcoming.php for details)
      + Layers can be global
      + Allow date styles to be specified in translation file
      + Use FCKEditor for editing HTML event descriptions
      + Added new time range options for reports: next 14/30/60/90/180/365 days
        This allows reports to show events starting with current date
      + Added ability to use custom header/stylesheet/trailer on a per-user
        basis via user preferences.
      + Optional lunar phases to month view
      + Allow site extras in reports
      + Added minical.php for using in iframe in external site
      + Added support for multiple public calendars by enabling
        nonuser calendars to act as public calendar.
      + Added ability to change text Public Access in system settings.
      + Added new view that will display similar to day.php and week.php do now
        except for multiple users (each in their own column)
    = User Authentication
      + User authentication by IMAP
      + User authentication from Joomla file (user-app-joomla.php)
      + Added user self-registration.
        blacklist and email notification are optional
    = Email
      + Added support for SMTP mail using PHPMailer
      + Email ics attachment to external event participants
      + Added sending of HTML mail (for reminders only now)
    = Database
      + Added support for IBM DB2
    = PHP
      + Do not require magic_quote PHP setting

  - The following translations were updated:
    + Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek (new), Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish,
      Portuguese_BR, Japanese (switched to UTF-8), Japanese-sjis (new),
      Japanese-eucjp, Portuguese


Version 1.0.0 (17 May 2005) aka Buster
  - Fixed the following bug reports on SourceForge:
      1202127: [ 1187734 ] Timezone offset problems still exist
      1201821: Bypass user_sees_only_his_groups
      1193835: Creator cannot edit a nonuser-event after Admin changes it.
      1193579: Untimed shows up wrong in edit page
      1189515: Possible to create blank usernames
      1190687: users.php called as public
      1190699: export.php available to public
      1190704: public can access assistant_edit.php
      1103215: Invalid work hours
      1187734: Timezone offset problem
      1120897: Conflict with exceptions
      1181682: Report with no name entered -> phantom report!
      1179423: private events displayed on reports
      1183714: Translation error
      1154432: vCal import from Mozilla fails to translate quoted-printable
      1176164: iCalendar import fatally corrupts database
      1181682: Reports with just spaces for a name cannot be edited
      1179403: Availability selection fails when Time Format =24
      1065461: timezone offset & all-day events
      1107253: time zone offset
      1140453: Time zone offset in email notifications
      1148602: External Recipients with same name fails
      1160167: 12AM Events cause display problems in edit_entry.php
      1158769: Category lost when modifing event by Admin
      1168686: Month display collides with minicals on Safari
      1168682: RC3 Language Detection Broken for Safari.
      1169403: Public Access not DEFAULT selected if Particiapants not shown. 
      1169078: Bad function call in import_handler.php
      1168092: Overlapping events display problem
      1167281: View_l loses colour for today
      1167790: class=selectedday assignments in other than day.php
      1162486: Path exposure issue with view_entry.php

  - Other bugs fixed:
    + Fixed problem with ical import weekly BYDAY parsing in import_ical.php
    + Fixed problem with missing $cat_id in week and day URLs in month.php
    + Fixed problem with second edit of a single event in a repeating series 
      losing linkage with the original event.
    + Fixed problem with views_edit.php, select groups not returning menbers
    + Fixed problem with 12AM event not adding hour=0 to URL in week.php
    + Fixed day.php rendering problem in Safar
    + Applied bug fix 1151442: Overlapping events display error in week.php

  - New Features / Enhancements / Changes:
    + Split import/export back to two separate links & pages
    + Moved contents of scheduling tab to details tab
    + Updated install/index.php to improve security and display advanced php info
    + Added new DEFAULT webcal_config values to all sql table definition files
    + Removed most instances of htmlentities as unneeded
    + Admin no longer needs to approve Public events that they create
    + Added option to set LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION in user-ldap.php
    + Updated install web page to work better on Windows systems.
      Added display of current PHP settings.
    + When viewing a report, if allow_html_description is enabled but no HTML
      is found in an event description, use nl2br to preserve plain text

  - The following translations were updated:
    + Danish, Finnish, German, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish


Version 1.0RC3 (11 Mar 2005)
  - Fixed the following bug reports on SourceForge:
      1156729: Global-view with no valid user creates a non-translatable message
      1152863: Japanese strings munged by reports.php and upcoming.php
      1124461: Apostrophe in Text Aborts Translation
      1154854: Nonuser cals not showing up in views
      1154007: Highlight today in Year view
      1088772: Nonuser calendar w/ Public as DEFAULT participant
      1145390: Merge arrays with array_merge vs + in view_t.php
      1151442: Overlapping events display error in day.php
      1146037: Availibility legend size not dynamic and not centered in IE.
      1148603: Assistants can't view Bosses Unapproved Events.
      1145342: Category selection not tranferred to edit_entry page.
      1118121: get_admins in user-ldap has bad search
      1123508: RC3 browser language detection always returns none.
      1112787: missing charset in upcoming.php
  - Other bugs fixed:
    + Fixed problem with upcoming.php header. xml:lang and lang were set to full 
      LANGUAGE value, not abbreviation.
    + Fixed problem with upcoming.php with You are not Authorized error message
      being sent without a header. 
    + Fixed problem with popups.php with long text strings going off screen.
      Maximum width is now configurable.
    + Fixed issue with Application Name containing ? characters in logon.php.
      If Application Name = Title then translate, else use Admin defined 
      name and run through htmlspecialchars
    + Fixed issues with display_small_month URLs. Extra & if no $user specified.
    - Add meta tag for charset since MSIE requires it.
    + Fixed broken advanced search that would not allowing searching other
      users' calendars.  Also added searching non-user calendars.
    + Added javascript that enables visibility of the start/end time or
      duration on the edit_entry page from availability.php
    + Fixed printer friendly view problem. With refresh on, the refresh URL
      reverted to the regular page
    + Fixed date_selection_html function to include values for day control
    + Purge events was not deleting from webcal_entry_ext_user table
    + Fixed issues with ODBC returning 'invalid db_type'
    + Fixed issue where month.php and mini-calendar today highlight
      based on server time
  - New Features / Enhancements / Changes:
    + Merged task files into entry files
    + Added 'Public Access' to Manage Calendar of: list, if Admin. 
    + Allow user-created views to be the DEFAULT view set in user preferences.
      After saving or deleting an event, the user will return to this page.
    + Replaced popups.php code with new knoppix based code. This should eliminate
      the problems with popups going off screen. Popups also follow the cursor now,
      but can be disabled in the file.
    + Replaced all instances of forms[0] in javascript with the real form
      names. This will allow WebCalendar to co-exist with other forms on
      the same page.
    + Added patch to allow TLS with LDAP
    + Added patch 900968: Add outlook-style availability popup
    + Added global views (available to all users)
    + Added option to select all users for a view (rather than having
      to select all users in the list).  If users are added later, they
      will be automatically included in the view.
    + Converted comments for use with phpDocumentor
  - The following translations were updated:
    + Dutch, Japanese (utf8, euc-jp, shift-jis), Spanish, German


Version 1.0RC2 (09 Feb 2005)
  - Fixed the following bugs reports on SourceForge:
      1116008: Got invalid user error when clicking on '+' icon
               to add new event
  - Other bugs fixed:
    + Fixed a problem with the Repeat Tab on edit_entry page, if disabled, 
      the SAVE button was hidden as well.
  - New Features / Enhancements / Changes:
    + Modified the way settings.php file is read to handle unix/dos/mac
      format and also check main directory and include directory.
    + In day and week view, time slots with events will now use a different
      background color than time slots that are empty.  (This restores
      how this worked a couple of versions ago.)
    + Many code changes were made to prevent the undefined variable
      warning that users may get if they have the PHP error_reporting
      setting enabled.
    + Documentation updated to System Administrator Guide including
      new instructions for setting up reminders on Windows.
  - The following translations were updated:
    + Czech


Version 1.0RC1 (04 Feb 2005)
  - Fixed the following bugs reports on SourceForge:
       824268: Emails notifications used wront timezone
       931096: Restrict views and view edits to owner of that view
       986774: Editing category as assistant was not working
      1061746: layout issues with views (daily)
      1066440: End Time increased by timezone offset
      1085337: Categories combo-box in month.php in assistant mode
      1088857: SQL bug affecting ODBC users when viewing event
      1101823: Problem importing palm desktop datebook.dat file
      1102167: custom header when non-admin user
      1109141: Email notifications where using sender language
               rather than recipient language
      1109323: Error in LDAP function for getting list of admins
      1087604: Vanishing Layers / cookies
      1086357: repeating details display
      1085846: SQL error in when listing users on some databases
      1085971: repeat tab does not display details
      1074403: Day View is not accounting for server offset
  - Other bugs fixed:
    + Security fix: Fixed protential problem if a user attempts to login
      with a username that has charaters that will affect the database.
    + When using web-based authentication, two database connections
      were being opened and only one was being closed.
    + vCal import was completely broken
    + Fixed problem using htmlarea where event description would not be saved
    + View Event page would not display links to edit/delete under
      some circumstances
    + Fixes for WN web server
    + Removed duplicate trailer from edit user page (when using a custom
  - New Features / Enhancements:
    + MS SQL Server is now suppported
    + If php.ini setting for file_uploads is not enabled, then indicate
      this on the import page
    + Streamlined layers.php & made layers only be displayed when layers
      are enabled
    + Updated Admin docs for content & xhtml/css validity
    + Added new documentation in docs directory:
    + Fixed various xhtml/css issues
    + Updated reading of settings file to better handle when file
      is not in exact format we are expecting.
    + Added database sanity check
    + Updated DEFAULT color scheme (Will only apply to new installs)
    + When html is allowed in event description, still replace newline with
      html break in view page and event popup if the user did not use any html.
    + Fixing users.php so it only shows a single user's info when the user
      isn't an admin
    + Added ability to authenticate users with postnuke user info.
    + Added support for automatic gradient background images for table cells
  - The following translations were updated:
    + Japanese (with support for 3 character sets)
    + Romanian (new)
    + French
    + German
    + Italian
    + Norwegian