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Please note, the "ng" branch is the one to use. The main trunk is code before converting to "chore" usage, and is no longer maintained. "ng" will eventually merge back.

UPDATE: ng has merged to main. The ng branch will, eventually, go away.

Support has been added for Chrome on Android. Seems to work very well!

Support has also been added for SMS via a VoIP provider. The API provided by flowroute.com is the initial one supported. So you can chat through this web UI to both XMPP and SMS peers.

In support of independent and open source platforms, this server can also provide notifications over a JSON UDP protocol, "PONG" (Packet Oriented, Next Gen).

This is a Python web server which connects one or more users with one or more XMPP accounts. It provides a user interface via the web browser to send and receive XMPP messages to your peers. It uses Ajax/Javascript when available, but can operate in a basic mode with just a minimal HTML browser.

This is public domain code. It is offered without any guarantees or warranties. But if you find it useful in whole or part, please feel free to copy and use.

It depends on the "server chore" library, found (like this) under: