=== VSTa download locations ===

VSTa downloads are served from http://www.vsta.org/distro

Due to mindless (and endless) spidering, only the latest verison is currently

Distribution filenames are:

  * vsta.tar.gz: The main VSTa binary installation
  * vsta_src.tar.gz: (obsolete) Source of VSTa when it was stored in RCS
  * vsta_cvs.tar.gz: Source to core system, as stored in CVS
  * account.tar.gz: Sample user accounts
  * bc.tar.gz: GNU BC calculator
  * diff.tar.gz: GNU diff and friends
  * editor.tar.gz: Editors: microemacs, vim, ed
  * games.tar.gz: Games
  * gcc.tar.gz: GCC and related tools
  * graphics.tar.gz: Graphics and utilities
  * gzip.tar.gz: GNU gzip compression
  * ka9q.tar.gz: Networking, primarily KA9Q based
  * lang.tar.gz: Supporting language tools (flex, bison, ...)
  * make.tar.gz: "make", ala Makefile(s)
  * mgr.tar.gz: MGR window system
  * misc.tar.gz: Miscellaneous ports
  * python.tar.gz: Python programming language
  * sc.tar.gz: GNU SC spreadsheet calculator
  * shell.tar.gz: Shells: ash, test, rc
  * small.tar.gz: Tiny Smalltalk
  * sim.tar.gz: CPU Simulators
  * text.tar.gz: Text manipulation utilities, including GNU ones

=== Boot Loader ===

VSTa uses the GRUB boot loader.  See http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/.