=== All about this Wiki ===

  * Andy Valencia

Spambots riffle through them looking for e-mail addresses.  But I'm thinking it '''would''' be a good idea to make
some of the content indexable by the search engines, so that interested parties could find us.

  * Erik Dalén

Why aren't the chat and mail pages world readable?

  * Andy Valencia

BTW, my intention is that all of the VSTa documents will be editable to any "real" user.  When you first bump into
a fix you want to make, send me an E-mail about it and I'll crank up your permissions.  I feel like this creates
a nice safety net as we get started with the Wiki, but will enable all interested users to quickly become capable
of any needed fixes.

  * Andy Valencia

Hey guys, sorry about making such a big change to the VSTa WWW world with so little notice.  Actually, my hand was
sort of forced by bodhi.zendo.com (and the zendo.com network feed) becoming so flaky.  I was also dying under
the flood of spam coming in to me--it was heading towards 100:1 spam:real ratio.