=== VSTa status ===
  * Andy Valencia

I once looked at an emulation library for BSD filesystem code.  The problem was that their filesystem code, while fairly
clean, is webbed out into authentication, uncreds, system calls, buffer cache, page cache, and so forth.  The filesystem
data structures themselves are portable enough, but it's really a case of the tail wagging the dog.

  * Gavin Nicol

Any thoughts on doing something akin to a VFS emulation? I've been looking at doing an ext2fs port and certainly, 
having a skeleton server for filesystems would be good. That lead to the idea that you might be able to do a VFS 
emulation to pick up a number of filesystems in one swoop. Thoughts?

  * Andy Valencia

Yes, lwip is a really nice little TCP/IP stack.  I ported it to run in an embedded environment and found it very easy to work with.
No argument that a structured IP filesystem would be cool, but even more important is to get sockets emulated.

  * Erik Dalén

There's been a lot of discussion going on in the #vsta channel about replacing KA9Q with lwip. We all agree that it
would be A Good Thing(tm). I think a change to the plan9 style ip filesystem would be nice as well.

  * Andy Valencia

Aside from working on all the web site and download stuff, I'm only using VSTa as my day-to-day OS.  Which is to say,
I use it, but not changing it much.  As a part of a "real world" job, I got very familiar with a mini TCP/IP stack
called lwip.  I've been wondering if it wouldn't be a better replacement for KA9Q.  It's also under a BSD copyright, so
less encumbered than KA9Q.