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Comment:Features. More features.
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User & Date: vandys 2001-12-21 14:39:53
More CVS fallout. check-in: a022ec8942 user: vandys tags: master, trunk
Features. More features. check-in: 827836a92a user: vandys tags: master, trunk
More fallout of conversion to CVS. check-in: 1f93436817 user: vandys tags: master, trunk
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Changes to vsta/doc/features.txt.

   393    393   	as well).
   394    394   Add "reset" wstat message to reset console state.
   395    395   ascii(1) command because I can never remember my ASCII table.
   396    396   Port of teco(1) to VSTa.
   397    397   A sample RAM disk server is available in the new vsta_contrib archive.
   398    398   vsta/etc and vsta/lib text files put under source control (duh,
   399    399   	should have happened a long time ago).
          400  +Port of old rolodex(1) utility.
          401  +"offset" field of mmap() for MAP_PHYS now lets you specify an attached
          402  +	virtual address.
          403  +Quietly cap memory at 768 megs, to avoid limits in our 1:1 mapping
          404  +	area in kernel virtual address space.
          405  +Port of ARC 5.2.1 (old PC/DOS archive format).
          406  +File preallocation in FAT-32 (see wstat contig= command).
          407  +Add dirname(1).
          408  +Fix segv in usage message of purge(1).
          409  +Support scanf family %n format for # chars read.