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This is the main system source tree for the VSTa operating system ("Valencia Simple Tasker"). Its history spans all the way back to RCS, then CVS, then git, and now Fossil.

Some larger ports are not present here; please see the 1.6.8 downloads.

VSTa is a copylefted system, originally written by Andrew Valencia, which uses ideas from several research operating systems in its implementation. It attempts to be POSIXish except where POSIX gets in the way, and runs on a number of different PC configurations. VSTa is also designed to take advantage of SMP right out of the box.

The VSTa mailing list was discontinued, and the focus of communication about VSTa has moved to this Wiki for access to historical documents, including archives of the old mailing list and the brief period where a Usenet newsgroup was used.

* VSTa Documentation Root

* Links to other interesting operating systems

* Links to VSTa downloads

* Mail archives

* NNTP archives


* Wikipedia entry