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This is VSTA, the Valencia Simple TAsker.

Well, with VM, SMP, processes, threads, and messaging it isn't as
simple as I envisioned it when I made up the name, but there you

This software was written from scratch entirely by:

	Andrew Valencia
	P.O. Box 2221
	Vashon, WA  98070


and is copyright 1993-1998 and 2000-2002 by Andrew Valencia.  Use of
this software is permitted under the terms listed in the file
"LICENSE", which should accompany this file at the top level of
the software distribution.  If it is missing for any reason, you
may contact Andrew Valencia directly to receive a copy.

There are source files which are not original; they are identified
in their headers, and are used and available under the terms
expressed by the original author.

In addition to the requirements spelled out in the license, I also
specifically require that any distribution of this software include
this file, and the "LICENSE" file.  I have not placed those noisy
copyright headers into each and every file, so I am counting on
the Berne Convention and the presence of the "README" and "LICENSE"

To get started, see the file doc/roadmap.txt.