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There are a number of documents available:

* Release documentation

  * [Roadmap]
    Pointers to various resources, with a focus on getting VSTa installed.

  * [Release|Release Notes]
    A running list of major changes.

* Papers

  * [Overview]
  "An Overview of the VSTa Microkernel" by Andy Valencia

  * [Capabilities]
  A description by David Jeske of the unique and highly flexible protection system of VSTa.

  * [Cap2|More Capabilities]
  A companion paper by Andy Valencia with nuts and bolts details of configuring

  * [Exec]
  Details of how VSTa creates processes.

  * [SCSI]
  "SCSI Device Driver Writer's Guide" by Mike Larson.

  * [vstafs]
  Describes an optional contiguous allocation filesystem.

  * [fsproto]
  "An Introduction to the VSTa Filesystem Protocol"<br>
  Eric Jacobs describes microkernel messages which implement filesystem I/O.

  * [crash]
  "What to do When Your Kernel Crashes"<br>
  Basic tasks needed to gather enough information for a kernel hacker to help you.

* Outdated

  * [boot]
  Somewhat outdated, but still containing interesting technical details of
how a microkernel boots.

* How To

  * [vmware]
  Describes how to install VSTa 1.6.8 in VMWare.

  * [Chat]
  Archive of general discussions, not archived elsewhere.

* Development

When you start writing code for (or under) VSTa, these papers might be useful:

  * [Design]
  A mix of philosophy and mundane things (like coding styles).

  * [TenCommand]
  How to be a better C programmer, by Henry Spencer.

  * [select]
  A recipe for building a server which supports select().

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