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This is "shopr", a shopping list webapp.

You need the "Chore" middleware in your PYTHONPATH, and then a DB (usually in var/shopr.db) based on sqlite3.

Eventually, there'll be UI for creating users/lists, but for now just do it with the sqlite3 CLI:

Init the DB

sqlite3 var/shopr.db < mkdb.sql

Add a user

sqlite3 var/shopr.db 'insert into users values(NULL, "uname", "password");'

What's our UID (first user is usually 1, etc.)

sqlite3 var/shopr.db 'select * from users;'

A list, owned by our new user, a global list (other users can


sqlite3 var/shopr.db 'insert into lists values(NULL,1,"Shopping",1,1);"

Add users/lists to suit.

The basic idea is a list has items which are red/green/yellow. You can tap colors at the top to toggle which colors to list. Tap the color on a line to move an item to a new color.

You can filter by typing text into the text input at the top. If you type an item name in its entirety, you can hit "+" to add it to the current list.

Long hold on an item to get a menu; you can rename and delete from there.