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Page Name:notepad
Date: 2018-10-12 13:27:25
Original User: vandys
Parent: 4d5b3b5ce5171fe7ea046d0d38c2c74b4930db47a9ca4f883151de89785db412 (diff)

This is a CGI based Notepad, permitting simple title/content notepad editing.

It was inspired by but in shedding jquery and adapting to ES6, CSS3, Sqlite3 and Python CGI... it's mostly a rewrite. Still, the kasparsd version was very much an inspiration!

This notepad, like kasparsd's version, handles offline notes using offline storage, and then sync's to the server when it can reach it.

Storage is now sqlite3, rather than simple filesystem. The timestamping is also designed to accommodate clock skew between client and server.