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Artifact ID: 829081b206d352d4485da8de12bea82fd203e0f1d7e68a3f5c0f47151bb3b002
Page Name:Chore Account server
Date: 2018-06-04 22:29:58
Original User: vandys

This implements an "account server", which factors out user/password/cookie management from one or more services running under the Chore middleware on a given server.

Recall that cookies are global for a host, even across distinct port numbers. Thus, it becomes very sensible to have a central server allocate a single cookie for the user's login, and any Chore services leverage this account server.

Since the account server also can supply per-application authorization, and per-application, per-user configuration, it becomes very convenient to supply a mix of custom services to a number of users of this server.