Re: Boot problem

From: Andy Valencia <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 2005 - 13:31:00 PST

> This one at $FF00 is the process for screen #0... it exists, and is
> runnable, so now I need to find out what it's doing. I'm going to
> put together some instructions that'll let you dump out the return
> stack for this guy, so I can start to guess what he's doing instead
> of sitting in the CLI waiting for keystrokes.

Ok, here we go...

$FF00 4 dumpw ( will dump 4 words in hex )
The fourth word is the return stack, probably $FE90
$FE90 24 dumpw ( dump out 24 words of the return stack)
Now start decoding words starting from the third line, fourth hex
number on that line.
also extensions ( prval is in the extensions vocab )
$12D6AC (prval) ( on my system, this word was 12D6AC, so I type it in )
                ( hex notation and have (prval) print it symbolically )
Now do the same for successive words; this is a poor man's stack backtrace
for whatever's going on with screen 0. I found 6-8 words to be enough;
don't be freaked if some values look weird from (prval), because the
return stack holds various values, not just return addresses.

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