Re: newbie comments

From: Phil Howlett <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 20:56:10 PST

Andy Valencia wrote:
> greg scott <> wrote:
>> includes
>>dd bs=4k iseek=1 oseek=1 if=ForthOS1 of=/dev/ad0s2
>>on slackware linux, dd (coreutils) 5.0 syntax:
>>dd bs=4k skip=1 seek=1 if=ForthOS1 of=/dev/ad0s2
>>iseek is skip
>>oseek is seek
> Thanks... this is the old fashioned syntax, which FreeBSD had deprecated
> because it's so error prone to remember which goes with in and which goes
> with out. But if Linux doesn't support this, I'll certainly have to
> update the docs.

I second that.. I was installing ForthOS today, and with my gentoo boot
disk i had to use skip/seek instead of iseek and oseek.
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