ForthOS License

The License

ForthOS, authored by Andy Valencia, is released into the public domain. While I, the author, would appreciate an acknowledgement if you find my code useful in your own projects, there is no legal aspect to this request. If you feel you need to, you are free to take the code, put your own name on it, and then insult me or ignore me. The code is free for you to use as you see fit.
Please note that ForthOS is made available "as is", with no guarantee about whether it works as described, works well, works as expected, or even works at all. The user takes all responsibility for arranging that ForthOS is not used in any way which will cause damage, inconvenience, or disruption.


Parts of ForthOS started from a software distribution known as eForth. The distribution of eForth explicitly places it in the public domain, so I'm assuming that ForthOS's use of parts of eForth do not encumber ForthOS. I will update this license as needed if I receive feedback to the contrary.