Source code at

This site provides a bunch of source code. Much of it was previously hosted at, but when Microsoft bought them, I didn't want to wait for what happened to Skype to happen to github too, so here they are.

If you're looking for VSTa, the project is right here, just look down the list. (You also have a link to the regular web site, although mostly it just points here.) The source is inside the project, along with a Wiki with a bunch of documentation.

Oh, ForthOS is down there, too....

comp.sources.unix is an archive of the old Usenet group of that name. There's lots of old skool source code there.

In addition, here's a number source trees I wrote or have used and modified. Note they're all stored under Fossil source code management. It's easy to use, but each of these projects can also just provide you a tarball or zip of the source tree, too.

To get the files from Fossil for a project, go to its Files, and then click on the top-level check-in tag (it looks like a hex number). You'll be on a screen which describes that check-in, along with Downloads available in various formats.

Questions? Comments. I'd love to hear from you!